Premium Solar Panel Pigeon Protection

Making Solar Look Good

Pigeon proofs solar PV systems and gives solar panels a sleek finish

10yr warranty

Pigeon Proofing

Pigeons and other birds love to nest under solar panels, causing mess and damaging cables.  SolaSkirt keeps them out.

Gives solar panels a sleek black finish

SolaSkirt gives any solar panel system a sleek, black edged, look, covering up unsightly gaps, rain water run-off, cables, rail and clamps.

Easy to Fit

Easy to fit to existing and new solar systems.

Benefits of SolaSkirt

  • Gives solar panels a sleek finish
  • Improves curb appeal
  • Keeps out pigeons and other pests
  • Maintains airflow
  • Prevents detritus build up
  • Storm tested
  • New installations & retrofit
  • Lifetime protection
  • Easy install
  • Innovative design
  • Gives silver framed systems a black trim
  • Hides rail, gaps, water run-off, cables and clamps
Looking for an installation?


We have our own in-house team installing solar panel pigeon protection in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London, Hampshire and Berkshire.  All of our installations include clearing out nests and come with a 10-year warranty.


Additionally we have installers all over the UK who currently install SolaSkirt as a premium option to mesh.  Send us an email and we will put you in touch with one of our favoured installers.  email us on or fill out our enquiry form

Pigeon Proofing Your Solar Panels to Protect Your Investment

Pigeons love to nest under solar panels which can lead to pigeon droppings, nest build up, damaged cables and dead birds.  The panels provide them warmth and safety from predators, but they can easily damage cables and lead to system failure.

Lost income & energy savings - damaged cables mean a loss of output, often for a whole row of interconnected panels, meaning reduced feed-in tariff income and energy savings

Better than Mesh - Mesh installations can often solve the problem but tend to look unsightly, and rogue installers will often use lower grade mesh which is easily damaged, use lower quality ties which will degrade over time or even use cable ties.  Some companies even drill into the solar panel frame, invalidating any warranty.  Other pigeon proofing systems use glue which will degrade over time.

Secure Fixing - SolaSkirt uses secure aluminium clamps that are fixed to the frame of any solar panel and designed to last as long as your solar panels.

Making Solar Look Good - Solar panel systems often look unsightly, with many systems having silver frames as well as an unsightly gap

SolaSkirt is based in Surrey, UK



It is a really good installation. The solar panels are at the back of the house in clear view from the garden and the skirt really tidied up the whole thing visually, removing the gap and making It look very sleek. In addition to the product been good, Sam has been a pleasure to deal with.


I'm delighted with the finished appearance. There was no fuss, no mess and I hardly knew anyone was there working on the solar panels.


We were plagued by a group of about 9 pigeons nesting under our solar panels, causing blocked gutters and pipes and a general mess, as well as being a noise nuisance at 4 am! Since the fitting of the SolaSkirt, this problem has been completely solved and we now get a good night’s sleep! We are really pleased with the result and it also looks good. The SolaSkirt is aesthetically pleasing and has smartened up our panels.

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Solar panel pigeon proofing